Alla Lazareva

cell: +7 906 420 8551


  • Software QA engineer with hands-on experience in testing who is attentive to testing needs. Passionate about testing!
  • Working knowledge of Agile software development life cycle.
  • Produce solid test documentation including test plans, test cases, and test matrices.
  • Write easy-to-reproduce bug reports.
  • Proficient in backend testing using different tools (REST API).
  • Sound grasp on testing methodologies, QA principles, ISO standards, and Windows UX standards.
  • Experienced in testing of web pages, web applications, mobile and desktop software.
  • Effective as both an independent and team worker.
  • Foster collaboration between QA team and software developers.
  • Use automation tools in regression and performance testing.
  • Fall in love with each project and do my best to make it perfect.
  • Suggest improvements based on customer needs, draft specifications for new features, provide mockups for them.
  • Never stop learning and honing my professional skills, able to grasp new concepts quickly and efficiently.
  • Share my experience with others, speak at QA meetups.


PlatformsWindows 7/10/XP, Ubuntu/UNIX/LINUX
Mobile PlatformsAndroid OS, iOS, Windows Mobile
ProgrammingHTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript
Bug TrackingSelenuim IDE, JMeter
ToolsPostman, Chrome DevTools, Android Studio, Android ADB Fastboot, BurpSuit, W3C validators: HTML, CSS, Links; WAVE (web accessibility evaluation tool), TestLink
SoftwareMS Office Pro, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe PhotoShop, MS Power Point


Intercontinental Exchange Inc

Software QA Engineer
September 2018 - Present

An American company that owns exchanges for financial and commodity markets. Projects: eSignal - a desktop application for financial markets analysis and trading; FileShare - a cloud storage, web application; PerfUnicorn - a performance testing tool for ICE servers.

  • Verified software by checked out if all the features meet the specified requirements, isolated defects and reported all the bugs found.
  • Monitored all the tasks in a bug tracking system and set their severity and priority based on the time and human resources given.
  • Controlled bug fixing process, retested resolved issues.
  • Created and followed Test Plans to ensure efficient coverage within budget; created test matrices, and test cases.
  • Ran regression testing before each release using TestLink.
  • Developed specifications and mockups for features, monitored new features implementation and tested them.
  • Created API documentation for FileShare from scratch and performed API testing using Postman.
  • Organized meetings on new features implementation.
  • Conducted load testing, stress testing, and volume testing using Jmeter.
  • Performed basic SQL queries necessary to edit and update data within the database including fields and tables.
  • Tested Cylence server integration (AI based antivirus).
  • Used BurpSuit and DevTools to capture and analyze unsecured network data packets in a test environment, performed SQL, HTML and JavaScript injections.
  • Interacted with product support and customer service teams.

GraphGrail AI

Software QA Engineer
June 2018 - September 2018

GraphGrail AI provides Artificial Intelligence based software for businesses that analyze customers demand, show diagrams, charts and statistical data on sales and sales managers productivity, as well as a sales AI chatbot.

  • Established testing process by creating test documentation and organizing all the activities related to testing (I was the first and the only QA at the project).
  • Wrote, maintained, and executed test cases using different test design methods. Determined the scope, provided estimates based on that scope, and revised the scope in order to meet the needs of the client.
  • Authored and maintained overall Test Plan. Test Plan included the introduction, a detailed description of the item being tested and its scope, user requirements, environmental needs, risk assessment, and approach/methodology.
  • Searched for bugs using black box and grey box testing (with a help of DevTools, Postman and server logs).
  • Managed defect tracking and defect reporting, made sure bugs were fixed.
  • Initiated vulnerability testing, performed HTML, JavaScript and SQL injections, tested API for users data security.
  • Introduced an automated regression testing by using Selenium IDE.
  • Clarified all the specifications to make them easily understood by investors.
  • Tested deployment of applications in Enterprise environments during all phases of the product cycle.
  • Worked with Developers, as necessary, to isolate and fix bugs.
  • Analized a large customer base to meet their business needs, suggested improvements.
  • Streamlined development processes by analyzing current practices and identifying inefficiency.

Test IO

October 2017 - June 2018

Test IO a platform where product managers of a large variety of companies search for testers.

  • Performed exploratory testing of a wide range of websites, mobile and desktop applications including Slack messenger,,,,, and other European and American products.
  • Detected a lot of functional and GUI defects, wrote clear and precise bug reports.
  • Used different testing tools for collecting mobile devices logs (Android ADB Fastboot, Android Studio).
  • Carried out automated UI testing using Android Studio.
  • Screened web applications for broken links and UI issues using WebDeveloper tool, W3C and WAVE validators.
  • Assessed browser compatibility.
  • Dealt with impossibly tight deadlines.


May 2017 - October 2017Portnov computer school (California, USA), online course "Software Testing".
June 2018Sololearn. Online course "SQL fundamentals".
May 2017GeekBrains. Online course "Introduction to programming"
April 2017FreeCodeCamp. Online course on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap.
2010 - 2013Southern Federal University, Russia. Bachelor's degree in intercultural communication and translation (English).
2005 - 2010Southern Federal University, Russia. Masters degree in law.

My law degree is not related to IT, but it helps me in my work, it gave me excellent skills in documentation analysis, taught me to be attentive to details, and helped me to develop good negotiation skills.