8/24/2020 - Post RCNE

Life after RCNE has me asking a number of questions. What do I believe the church is supposed to be? What should it look like? How should it behave? How should people treat each other? I'll try to answer some of my own questions, and hopefully it will help me make sense of the last few years of experience.

How do I feel about what happened? I feel like me, and my entire family were abandoned by many who called us friends. It's hard to take someone seriously when they throw around terms like “family” and “brother” when they treat you like trash. We’re all standing together… until we aren’t.

To me, those who remained look nothing more than opportunists, like those ready for a power grab after the fall of a powerful dictator or king.

6/2/2020 - Blessed are the peacemakers

It feels almost impossible to put into words...

5/12/2020 - Hello?

1/27/2020 - Hello, World!

Ok, I've had the idea of journaling out my thoughts for years, and I've started several times. I never keep up with it. For whatever reason, I either forget about it, or life happens, and it becomes abandoned. Who knows? I probably have old blog pages and journals littering the interweb with useless crap. Perhaps someday, all these disconnected elements may raise some interesting questions for digital archeologists of the future.

I’d like to think that this would be somehow useful. I have no idea what I’ll be posting here, just that I will be posting. My interests are eclectic, so my posts might be as well!